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With over 75 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry, A. Gail Crawford and Thomas J. Hughes combined assets from their companies, Crawford Energy Inc. and Hughes Energy Properties, in 1997 to create the Crawford Hughes family of companies. Beginning with Crawford Hughes Operating Company in 1997, later developing Crawford Hughes Energy in 2008, and with their more recent venture CH&P Energy LLC In 2010, Mr. Crawford and Mr. Hughes have grown their E&P subsidiaries to include properties in both Texas and Southern Louisiana oil and gas fields. Crawford Hughes currently operates over 100 wells with more than 50,000 net mineral acres leased and operated. With an ever-growing business, Crawford Hughes is constantly seeking new development projects, partnerships, and divestitures to continue their legacies and build for the future. Current activity is concentrated in drilling and operating oil and gas wells in East Texas and the Texas Gulf Coast.

Crawford Hughes is looking for a funding partner to participate in in-field drilling in the Austin Chalk in Burleson, Brazos and Washington counties.
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